Bagá designs a dish with Arbequina Tándem

Being from the same place and sharing a 2018 year in which both of us are immersed in the excitement of our new project, we didn’t hesitate to visit Pedrito Sánchez. We wanted to wish him the best on his most personal challenge to date, which he started at the end of 2017: Bága. This small (but with large nuances) restaurant has an air of bistro and a very original set up. It has been receiving the best reviews since it opened its doors.

Pedrito Sánchez has put together an intimate space with a maximum capacity of just over a dozen diners. He and his team have developed a gourmet sampling menu, which is constantly being updated, paired with a selection of wines which are no less surprising. Among his menus and excellent products, our AOVE Tándem can be found and Pedrito has given us the honor of preparing a very special dish with our Arbequina variety. We are looking forward to trying it.

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