A stop to enjoy Hondarribia

As we drove through the Basque lands there were many moments when we had to stop the car on our exciting route because the scenery prevented us from continuing. And that’s exactly what happened when we got to the place which you can see in the photographs. You cannot see a picture like the Higuer Lighthouse on Mount Jaizkibel (Hondarribia) without being left breathless.

The moments we spent in the beautiful spot of Donosti have shown us that our passion for oils is providing us with many other positive experiences. We are feeding our craving for excitement by meeting new people with the same passion for gastronomy and discovering all of the good that comes from a job which is also your passion. This was a very rewarding day and we had a great time with the managers of the Solbes gourmet shops and the people in charge of the Gran Sol Bar (three time winner of the Euskal Herria Pinxtos Competition, etc,)

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